How to Keep Your Self Storage Unit Organized

Maintaining a well-organized self storage unit makes life easy when you’re relocating or otherwise need extra space for your belongings that currently isn’t available in your home. It is easy to toss the boxes, totes, furniture, and items inside the unit and go about the day, but that decision is one you’ll soon forget, especially if you’re planning to add or retrieve items from the unit.

To reduce hassle, why not keep the storage unit looking great from the start? It isn’t as hard to do this as you might imagine. Simply take the time to use the right boxes, stack neatly, and make a path in the middle of the unit. To further elaborate:

·    Use the same size boxes in the unit. This makes it easier to stack and keep neatly organized. Label all boxes with the content inside so it is easier to get what you need or add items.

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·    Store any items that you may need to retrieve at the front of the storage unit.

·    Ensure there is a path in the middle of the room so you can easily walk from front to back.

·    Place a tarp or drop cloth on the ground before placing any boxes or bins inside the unit. This prevent pests and moisture which can ruin your belongings very quickly.

·    Don’t hesitate to bring a broom and dustpan to the storage unit to keep things neat and tidy! You’re storing your belongings inside and thus it needs to be kept clean at all times. What better way than with a quick sweep?

With the tips above in mind, it is easy to use a storage unit with ease whether you’re storing a little or a lot. Put this information to use whenever you need to rent self storage rohnert park.

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