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Zodiac 101

Do you know your zodiac sign? The zodiac is the system of 12 signs with unique characteristics that define each one’s behaviors. Many believe the zodiac is a complex system, so they don’t bother to look into it. It can be complex, but you don’t have to dive into the specifics right away to get a general idea of the zodiac signs. For a horoscope reading dallas tx offers the best services. For any newcomers, let’s go over the 12 signs and some simple characteristics of each one.

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The planner of the signs, Capricorn knows the value of organization and structure if you want to achieve big things in life.


The oddball Aquarius sees into the future and stands up for social justice.


Pisces is the dreamer and the healer, using their energy to bring imagination to the world.


Aries is the fearless zodiac sign, putting themselves out there and fighting for what they believe is right.


Taurus is the bull of the zodiac, they’re stubborn at times but enjoy stability and security in life so they fight to keep what they have and enjoy life as easily as possible.


Gemini is the twin sign, the most versatile of the zodiac signs. They communicate their beliefs and reach for the stars, being their individual selves the entire way.


Cancers are the nurturers, they enjoy feeling like others need them and connect with them. They want a nest around them, so they always look to communicate with others.


Leos love drama, flair, and being the center of attention. They shine and let their bold nature fly.


Virgos pride themselves on loving others and the world around them.


Libra is the harmonious sign, always wanting peace and cooperation among others and inspiring greatness.


Scorpio is the most intense of the zodiac signs when it comes to passion, they dive deep and form lifelong bonds with those around them.


Sagittarius is the dreamer of the horoscope, wanting big changes and going after the impossible at every chance.