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The Job of a Key Grip

A key grip is one of the many people who work on the set of movie, television, and concert production. The key grip is the person who ensures that the equipment needed is in the right place at the right time. They have a fast-paced job that requires them to move cameras along a track, to build scaffolds to hold microphones in strange places, oven to highlight shadows in a clip. Key grips are involved in all aspects of moving equipment on the set. The job is hard but it is one that pays well and that offers a plethora of benefits for those who fill the positions.

Most of the time the world never sees the key grip. They live under the radar on the set on a wait and see basis. They’re amidst the chaos and confusion and make sure that the outcome is a great production. Most producers have a plethora of cameras, dollies, microphones, lights, and other items on the set after they’ve taken advantage of dolly rentals tampa fl. These are items the key grip handles during the course of his day to make sure the production takes place the right way.

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Key grips have challenging jobs, but those who work in the field love every moment of it. Nothing is more exciting than being on the set, responsible for so many different aspect of filming. So, those challenges are met with even more rewards. Key grips have a ‘can do’ attitude and love filmmaking as much as the next person. They can work on anything from a low budget film to Hollywood greats or even on the set of the local news station.  A key grip is a vital person any time a production takes place.